Every member must accept these rules:

This club is free.

Do not upload images breaking copyright licence. You are responsible for your all uploaded images. You can see Royal Mail reproduction guidelines and USPS Licensing.

Every member accept receiving informative emails from WIEC (World Inrenet Exchange CLub - Stamps Club) - you can turn off this setting in your profile

Do not advertise or link other web pages without foregoing agreement.

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Welcome to Stamps Club ! (you may log in using old email and pass)

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  • Gallery

    If you have photos of your stamps, first day covers, exchange sheets, postcards, coins, banknotes or telephone cards and which want exchange or just show other members you can upload photos or scans into your photo bank.

  • Fast exchange

    exchange only with philatelists you are interested in. Every member has his own profile whre you can see what he collects.

  • Envelope printing

    You may print addresses on envelope online, do not bother with hand-writing anymore!

  • Trading

    every member will get a ranking point after each exchange. Not reliable collectors will get bad ranking point.

  • Messages

    members can send private mesages to one another and set up exchange also without exchange sheets