philately stamps

Philately is the study of revenue and postage stamps. Stamps mean part of the culture of country in which the stamp was issued. There are a lot of stamp collectors and stamp experts all over the world. Stamp collecting can obtain you immediately.

stamp collections

The first step to set up stamp collection is often asking your family to save stamps from their incoming mail. Stamps got this way are used stamps (franked). But many stamp collectors prefer mint stamps – not used stamps with glue and in a good condition. How to get mint stamps? The simplest way is to exchange with other philatelists. But you can also buy stamps from stamp dealers or in post office. When you have enough stamps you should focus on theme ex. fauna , flora, WWF stamps, history, famous people (= topical stamp collection) or collect stamps from certain region like British stamps , Australian stamps, Canada stamps, stamps from USA or Europe.

stamp value

Not all stamps are valued the same. The most common way to value stamp is valuing by stamp catalogue. Stamp catalogue is a book in which is included information about stamp ( like color variations ), picture of stamp and also philatelic value. Most used catalogues are Michel, Scott, Stanley Gibbons, Yvert et Tellier or Minkus). Commemorative are stamps issued to honor or commemorate a place, event or person. These stamps are often more wanted.

stamp exchange

It may happen that you have more same stamps or stamps you are not interested in. Do not worry about exchange these stamps. Register in a free philatelic club to get know new philatelic friends. You can look up on the internet some websites about stamps offering stamp exchange lists. You can find a philatelic exchange partner and it will be really good for your stamp collection. I would like to recommend to you this philatelic club : . Membership is free and you will be also added to exchange list, you also get your profile site you can share.

What to exchange?

You may exchange used stamps, mint stamps, first day covers (FDC is an envelope whereupon postage stamps have been cancelled on their first day of issue. Depending on the policy of the nation issuing the stamp, official first day postmarks may sometimes be applied to covers weeks or months after the date indicated.), banknotes, coins, postcards, telephone cards etc. I hope you will enjoy membership and find a lot of philatelic partners for exchange.
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